Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Phone Conversation of the Day - II

My desk phone rings. I answer. The caller mentions she is from some placement agency.

Me (surprised): "You called up my office phone to talk about a job?!"
Caller: "Well, ma'am, we can talk on some other phone..."
Me: "No, but I first want to know what this is about."
Caller: "Ma'am, I cannot tell you right now as we are on your office phone."
Me (puzzled): "But where did you get this number then?"
Caller: "This is just a random call."
Me: "You just call up any number with no idea of the person's profile?"
Caller: "Yes, ma'am."
Me (still incredulous): "You waste people's time like that?!"
Then I realised there was nothing more to say, and disconnected.


Pallavi Sharma said...

Weird, no? But it might work well with the job-hopping idiots.
What pisses me off is that they consider it their "job" to waste 10000 people's time to get 1 or 2 whom they can lure :-P

Unmana said...

That's exactly the point. And it makes me wonder how little they are paid that their employers do not consider it a waste for them to spend their time this way.

Masood said...

why does it always have to be with you?!? :p I have the answer too. You are the chosen one!!! :D

Unmana said...

I have a weirdo attractor in my head, don't you know? :P