Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blast at Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Why do terrorists attack Islamic places of worship? There was the attack in the mosque in Hyderabad, and now this. Were the perpetrators of this crime not Islamic terrorists? That's unlikely - after all, the Hyderabad police claim to have uncovered a role of the ISI in the blast. Did they expect people from other faiths to be hurt? (Unlikely again, it being the time of Ramazan.) Are Indian Muslims blamed because they are not radical enough? Are mosques and dargahs easier targets than other congregations of people?

I remember going to the Ajmer dargah a few years ago. I remembered having heard of the amicability it represents, being revered not only by Muslims, but also by those of other faiths.

And when I went in, I was put off, as I often am at religious places, by the consumerism on display. The demands for alms were similar to what I had encountered at many Hindu temples earlier, yet more shocking to me because of the reputation of the place. I remember seeing a huge tub (more like a large well) full of money and jewellery, offerings of devotees who believe their wishes will be granted. I do not know if I was more awed by the faith or apalled by the waste.

This is the first time I have heard of some place I have been to outside of Assam being bombed. I do not know why or how that affects me, but that is a thought that came to my mind when I was watching the news on TV.


Nilesh said...

I don't think those terrorists are Muslims. Or for that matter Hindu or of any other religion. They are just Terrorists.

Terrorism itself is a religion. And I am not saying this for secularism. Think of what kind of mindset (or rather what kind of madness) would be needed for one to become a terrorist. And I cant' imagine that coming from anything else but religion. You can't do these things if you think.

Unmana said...

Well, someone who kills other people believing that it is a good thing to do (which is what they claim, isn't it?) has to have a lot of belief in some kind of religion. And that religion sanctions them to kill people of the same religion? People who are devout in some degree themselves, for they were at a place of worship. I don't get that.

Masood said...

I agree with both of you. Adding light to the issue, I fail to understand which religion allows certain 'self-proclaimed' guardians of faith to kill people of the same religion? I, for a fact, know that Islam does not! And I am sure others don't as well. If we go by literal meaning, “Islam” means “Peace”! And these individuals, who indulge in terrorist activities, are directly violating the very meaning of the same religion they 'claim' to follow cum protect! Why? I don’t know!

I condemn all kinds of terrorist activities by all terrorists. As a Muslim, living in a country largely looming from terror threats from Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, these activities, along with loss of precious lives of innocent people, are resulting in nothing but victimization of innocent Muslims who have nothing to do with terrorism. Most people who are killed/injured are normal people with normal lives, who probably live in a multi-ethnic community, whose friends, colleagues are multi-ethnic, and yet they and their families bear the brunt.

Unmana – I am glad you brought this up. Since I saw the news that day, and the one on the following day (Ludhiana Blast), I was deeply hurt and was looking for a medium to voice my views.