Thursday, September 13, 2007


A friend enters the emptiness of life like music pervading silence.
A friend removes despair like a ray of light intruding into darkness.
A friend is always there to listen, not to judge; to support, not to condemn.
To sit beside you when you cry and not move until he succeeds in bringing back the laughter to your face.
To open your eyes to the beauty of life, as well as to its harshness, its squalor.
To tell you the truth, when all the world lies to your face.

A friend knows all your faults, your sins, your meanness… and still manages to love you.
A friend accepts your anger, your bitterness, your frustration – and waits for you to show your affection.
A friend asks for nothing in return – except that you also be there when you are needed.
A friend makes your thoughts worth while, as he listens when you speak of them.
A friend makes your dreams worth dreaming, as he dreams along with you.
A friend makes life worth living, as he shares it with you.

You may never say it, but you both know the special bond that you share.


Anirudh Singh said...

read ur blog...interesting stuff!

Varun Chhabra said...

Friends, peers, mates.... you may not remain in touch with them .... even if the touch is lost, memories never are.... cherish what you have cause memories are the only thing that truely are yours.


Unmana said...

Anirudh - thanks
Varun - at last, a comment from you!