Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Views of My City

Storm Clouds Hovering Over the City
View from My Window

Garbage Strewn under Flowers

One of Our Favourite Haunts


anumita said...

Grey overcast skies... nothing moves me more, makes me a different kind of person. Dont know what it is about this weather! Charming pics of a charming place!


Unmana said...

Thank you! The monsoons usually serve to remind me of Assam, of my childhood. The storms there are something to experience!

Anurag said...

Love the storm clouds in the first pic. Looks like you live in a nice open place.

Unmana said...

well, not exactly. I had to try hard to get an angle where the buildings didn't obstruct the view. And if you look closely maybe you can view the many wires crisscrossing the sky!

I live in the same city as you, by the way. :-)

Anurag said...

Well, there are wires everywhere and my mind has learnt to ignore them so that I don't even notice them. Pune is still beautiful in parts, isn't it?

SeeTina said...

NIce Pic's Unmana, I finally found u on Bloggers and linked u up to mine.


Site manager said...

Beautiful, I have always wanted to visit India, the photos make me want to make the trip even more!

Thanks for linking me, will do you too when I am not so damn lazy!

Saurabh Roy said...

Amazing pics mam, nicely taken with perfect timing..makes me kinda nostalgic. I was in pune while preparing for CAT,lovely city, just as u showed them...gave me one of the best times of my life..gud wrk , keep it up..