Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Belated Post - Tharoor Again

So the world goes on as usual. Shashi Tharoor proves exactly how much of a fool he is by writing a response to the vehement reactions of bloggers to his prejudices on the sari. The only good thing I found in his article is that he mentions Emma's spirited rejoinder. Not that, of course, he learns anything from it. He goes on to recycle those same opinions - as if we weren't sick enough of them already. He even recalls how he bravely once wore a kurta to work in the UN and was ridiculed for it. And then, of course, without ignoring the criticism or fighting for his right to wear an Indian garment to work, he took to wearing suits and ties. Why should we women be daunted by mere trivialities like comfort and convenience (not that he knows a lot of that, of course - a kurta with trousers or jeans is after all more comfortable than most salwar kameez) in our responsibility of carrying forward Indian tradition?

I agree with
Gaurav Sabnis - give the guy something to do and get him off our backs (and the Sunday papers). But please no, don't give him a post in Manmohan's cabinet. I can imagine him giving away quota seats in universities to sari-clad women and giving subsidies to sari manufacturers.

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Anonymous said...

A short and compendious, yet very apt, response. Thanks for the link.