Thursday, March 01, 2007

Street Harassment

Street harrassment is what is commonly and inadequately called eve-teasing. Inadequate because 'teasing' is simply not enough to describe the indignities routinely inflicted on women in public places. Indignities that women, at least in India, are subjected to frequently, if I am not a severe abberation.

If street harrassment is a crime, it is a crime that all of us abet. A crime I am an accomplice in when I ignore it and walk on, a schoolgirl assists - however unwillingly - when she lowers her head and pretends to be deaf, a bystander instigates when he chooses to remain silent.

Blank Noise Project shows you a way to raise your voice against street harrassment. If you ever chose to protest against street harrassment, if you were an Action Hero who decided to "give back as hard as you got", blog your story. If you know an Action Hero, blog theirs. Participate in the Action Heroes online blog-a-thon on March 8. And remember to come and read my story too.

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