Friday, December 29, 2006

The Year That Was

The Guy and I discussed the changes that the past year brought to our lives. It has been - and probably will be - the most eventful year for us, the year that made the most changes to our lives, in more than one way.

Mercenary girl that I am, I am glad of the big change this year has brought in our financial status. Last year, we both just about managed to meet expenses (actually, I rarely did and was often in debt) and would always be broke at the end of the month. Towards the end of the year, things were uncertain. I wasn't sure yet if I had got the new job, we had huge (no person who's never been in a long-distance relationship can imagine how huge) phone bills to pay, my sister's marriage was looming up and I didn't know if how I could even manage the travel expenses. We weren't even sure how we would manage the expenses of my moving cities if I did get the job.

And now? No, we haven't got oodles of cash stashed away. But we have pretty nearly furnished our house, got all important appliances, got a laptop (!), bought jewellery, got married (completely on our own expense), vacationed in Assam and Gujarat, weekended in Hyderabad - and now, with the current month's salaries deposited in our accounts, are planning to do some savings (to save on taxes, if nothing else). At the moment, I feel rich. Most of all, I feel thankful that we have come so far, that from being financially independent bachelor and bachelorette we have become a financially stable family. This is when most people would look upwards and pray. The Guy and I gave a gift to CRY and bought ourselves gifts from its online store. What better way to celebrate our good luck than to think of those more unfortunate than ourselves?

Goodbye, 2006. When you came in, we were unsure, apart, but hopeful. You leave us a family, happy and confident. May this be the foundation of many wonderful years ahead.

Happy New Year to you all.


Unmana said...

Thank you!
I hope this year is great for you too. It's certainly got off to a great start!

Ashish Gorde said...

This is one of the most touching stories I have read in a long time, and it certainly made me feel good and hopeful... may God bless you both, and make you a blessing to others.