Monday, December 18, 2006


I've done a lot since the last post. Let me report my progress:

  1. I made chhole last week. Not a great experiment, but it's a start. And I cooked up a large dinner on Saturday.
  2. The Guy and I danced in a group at our annual office party two weeks ago. If that isn't doing something new, what is? I thought my dancing on stage days were long over. And the Guy, dance! But we did. What's more, we practised for weeks, spending even longer hours at office and having our unused-to-exercise bodies ache and creak all the time... And we managed a passable performance at the end of it. What's more, I even participated (read "was coerced into participating") in the Ms. "Company" contest. As I'd expected, I didn't win, but I surprised myself by lauding the Guy to the skies on stage. (The Guy was so flabbergasted he forgot to photograph/videorecord the momentous occasion.)
  3. We went to a Jagjit Singh concert and a 'Jim Morrison and John Lennon' night. Jagjit Singh was disappoininting (especially considering the bomb we paid to hear him) and the rock concert was awesome. We were totally floored by the music, even the Guy, who's even less a rock fan than I am. The band sounded very professional and well-trained - very commendable, considering the fact that they don't do it full-time. (I know because one of the guys is in my office.) We mean to go to more of their shows. Watch out for the Purple Patch - with some luck, they'll do good, if not great, things.
  4. We have had more than one long leisurely dinner out, plus spent many hours sitting up in bed late and talking... Marriage hasn't changed us much, after all!
  5. We went shopping last weekend. Saturday was "household" shopping, and was a relief to have got done at last. Sunday was shopping of the more fun kind, and we enjoyed picking up stuff for ourselves (mostly me - but don't blame me, I've needed that stuff for ages) and a few dear people.
  6. I read through a giant book of Ruskin Bond's stories - and enjoyed them thoroughly, though they began to get to me towards the end. It was nice to discover that my grown-up self enjoys Ruskin Bond as much as my childhood self did. I also started Emma again, and am enjoying it more than ever. (I keep looking up and telling the Guy how good the book is and that he must read it - rich, considering that he had started it when I took it away from him to read it myself!)
  7. We had a lovely dinner at home (lovely time - the food was simple soup and pasta), eating off the lovely little dinner set gifted by our friend, with candles, flowers and incense on the table. And sat and talked for hours afterwards.

No, we still haven't gone sight-seeing, or for a walk. We haven't invited friends for dinner. And I haven't managed to get my haircut yet. But I think all this is quite satisfactory progress in a month!


Unmana said...

NOW you can praise my cooking! ;)

Unmana said...

Thank you! :)