Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Birthday

One of my dearest friends wished on my birthday that this be my best birthday ever. Well, it was.

It started out by being rather ordinary. On second thoughts, maybe not quite. Hopping around on a bike on bumpy roads trying to find a cake before midnight is (thankfully) not very common with me. Fortunately, we found one bakery that closes late.

The best part about this birthday was that I had my dearest people with me. Mom and the Guy were both present when I cut my cake. Though not a novel way to celebrate a birthday, it was a very satisfying one for me.

And of course, the wishes of friends always makes a birthday special.

But what was most special, this time, was the way it ended. The Guy and I spent a great evening at a discotheque - for the first time. Yes, in spite of our having been together for most of eight months, we had never done that before. I fulfilled a long-standing fantasy - of dancing with my love.

As we rode back home, the silence of the night with the stars twinkling down contrasted perfectly with the loud vibrating music and dancing lights at the nightclub, and made for just the right ending to a wonderful evening.

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