Friday, September 08, 2006

I Do Not Understand…

why women two-wheeler drivers in Pune cover their heads and faces with scarves but do not bother to wear helmets. Are their skin and hair more precious than their heads?

why drivers zip across even when the traffic light is red. I may even understand someone being callous of other’s lives, but of one’s own…?

why so many men are quite incapable of treating women with respect… why so many even educated men look at a woman and see not a person but a body…

why so many women willingly consent to, even propagate, the idea of a woman as more a body than a mind…

why people who are never there for me when I need someone expect me to be there for them – always… (as if that is my sole purpose in life!)

why people go through privations for religious reasons but are unwilling to put up with the slightest inconvenience for humane considerations. For instance, a non-vegetarian will boast of eating lamb or fawn, but will observe a strictly vegetarian diet during a religious festival!


Reeta Skeeter said...

Agree... they should rather MUST wear helmets!!

Satyakam said...

yes really.. helmets are a must!! :))

Canopenner said...

The women scarves and no helmets:

Seems silly.

The drivers zipping:

Yes thats very bad, never seen it here tho.

The men being being pigs:

Men are pigs.

The women consenting to men being pigs:

Some women profit from it.

The people not being their for you but expecting you to be there for them:

Might be your perspective on it. And they are doubtless unaware and unenlightened.

Regarding religion and humanity:

They should be the same but religions have things so twisted up...well its just a mess.

anumita said...

Actually, women ARE known to do things that defy common sense or natural behaviour. But they are still smarter than men and men cannot do without them.

Unmana said...

Canopener - thanks for visiting.

Anumita - I couldn't agree more. :)

Indian Home Maker said...

MEN and women of Pune ALL object to helmet for reasons like: not suited to the hot weather (true), cause neck pain and problems (true)- a scarf is a protection from sun and pollution, it is not a substitute for a helmet. Although I would NEVER allow my children to ride without helmets, I do think the decision should be the individuals and NOT the governments. Insurance companies can refuse to pay a penny if helmets are not worn...
We Indians give too much power to our governments. We are not children, we can decide for ourselves.