Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hurrah! Blogspot is back!!!

I was sure it would be, soon. How can you keep down something which has so many opinions and feelings behind it?

What is music without anyone to hear it? What is a sunset with no one to look at it? And what is a writer without readers?

I have been writing since childhood, often privately, mostly for myself. If there was no one to read, I might still write. But oh, so much sweeter to have someone read and praise!So this space is dedicated to my (very few) regular readers, without whose encouragement and praise I might have forgotten long ago that I even had a blog!

First, Maitreyee. She reminded me in the very beginning that I had not entered much in my blog. She made me realize she was waiting to read what I wrote – a powerful stimulus for me to write. Since then, she’s always been reading, sometimes silently (this is a hint for Maitreyee to put in more comments), sometimes responding with nice comments. In these busy days, this blog has also served as a way for her to know what’s going on in my life… Maitreyee's interest in my writing is however, not new. I remember her, years ago, encouraging me to keep writing regardless of whether my work gets published.

Second, Masood. I don’t know what I’d have done without him. He reads every entry religiously and rarely fails to comment. He makes me feel I’m not speaking in a void. Thanks, buddy!

Keep reading – I hope I keep writing well enough for you guys to keep wanting to come back!


Maitreyee said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Maitreyee said...

come on sweetheart, we no longer need words. do we? am religiously regular everyday.. :)

trust your shadow always :) it never leaves you.

Unmana said...

Thank you, guys! :)

anumita said...

Do write. It's a pleasure reading you.