Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last night

Last evening, the Guy suddenly remembered that it was a monthly-versary (what do you call it?) of the day he'd gone down on his knees and proposed to me. It was five months. Unfortunately, he couldn't leave office early for a good dinner, so we decided to just go down to MacDonald's for a quick one before I went home. Coincidentally, I was wearing jewelry he'd gifted me (a lovely gold pendant and earrings). So we went to McD and filled up on junk, then I caught the cab home. I'd forgotten my phone at home too, so the Guy gave me his. After some time, when I hadn't heard from him, I decided to call up his desk phone and tell him I'd reached home safe (and maybe give him a flea in hte ear for not bothering to find out). I couldn't reach the phone, so I called up a friend in his team, who told me there was a power cut so they'd all left work. Which was why it wasn't a surprise (or shock) when I heard the key turn in the front door and heard the rustle of cellphane that told me he'd got flowers for me.

We ended the evening by watching Ice Age (the first one) on his ancient PC. This morning, the mail sitting in my inbox told me that the power was back on by 9.05 PM, just minutes after the Guy left office. What luck!


Unmana said...

Of course it isn't! I'm only using it until I can invent one!

Maitreyee said...

congratulations and all the best :-)