Friday, May 05, 2006

Have a Wicked Weekend!

Friday is a transition - a workday that leads to fun, a weekday in which strict officewear rules (for those of us who have them!) are relaxed, a day in which imagination and excitement overtake staidness and care. It promises tantalizing possibilities. This weekend, break the rules. Do something different, something exciting. Something that will bring a private smile to your face throughout the coming long work week.

Have a fabulous Friday and a wicked weekend!

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Maitreyee said...

Had a superb weekend after a long long time... friday was for movies and a fren's promotion treat
Sat ko we decided to have an indigenous barbeque party.. got a rectangular flower pot.. some sand.. coal .. an iron mosquito net.. and we had our own barbaque blazing :-D
Venue: a fren's terrace
Menu: all assorted. + drinks
we kept gazing at the open sky long after the party was over... 2 of us started snoring :-P
loads of fun... reminded us of the Pondicherry trip.. :-)
rocking weekend!!!
What about you??