Thursday, May 18, 2006

Come Home with Me

Come home with me…
We will breathe the fresh air of the hills
Turn our eyes up to where they meet the sky.

We will stand by the lake and hold hands
The breeze will sweep my hair away from my face
And I will look at you and smile.
We will walk down the road
Feeling beauty awaken the love inside us.
We will stop at every flower
And let its colour cast a reflection on our lives.
We will stand under a tree
And let the sunlight and shadows play on our faces.
We will sit on the grass
Feel the dew beneath our feet
And the gentle sun caressing our faces.
And we will talk of things that were
And our life that stretches endlessly before us.


Maitreyee said...

Poetry from Unmana after a long long time... years since I last read I guess.

Looking forward to more :-)

Unmana said...

I looked at the photos Urmi had posted on orkut, and they awakened such a wave of nostalgia that I had to write about it!