Friday, May 12, 2006


Today is my mom's birthday. She is one of the two most important people in the universe to me. In fact, I'm more emotional about her than I am about the Guy. I am yet to send her her gift, and I had to postpone the delivery of flowers I'd ordered for her because she's not at home today. But Sunday is Mother's Day, so I thought that would do as well.

Today is also six months since the Guy and I met again after a long interval. After being good friends, then not talking to each other for months, and then rediscovering our friendship and opening our hearts to each other on the phone - he finally came all the way over to my town to meet me six months ago. I remember how shy I was, and how hard he tried to cover his embarrassment and put me at my ease! That was just the beginning of a magical weekend. In a way, it was the beginning of a new life...

So, how are we going to celebrate? Wait till the next update!

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