Thursday, April 20, 2006

Three Months in Pune!

The Guy and I find something to celebrate at least once a week - it adds some excitement to life. Today, we plan to celebrate the completion of my first three months in Pune.

How did I feel three months ago, as I was leaving my old life behind and getting on a plane to Pune, with just a couple of bags in hand (I'd sent across the rest of my belongings earlier)? How did it feel going to a new job and a new life, a boyfriend who had been 'friend' a couple of months ago? How did it feel leaving the first job I'd ever had, and all the reputation and respect I'd built up for myself?

Actually, I was not as nervous as you might think. I did not have much to leave behind - only a couple of friends found over the past 10 months, a roommate who would soon leave herself to get married. What awaited me in Pune were, to be sure, just promises - the promise of a dream job, of a perfect love - but it was enough to lure me here, and enough for me to get on that flight with more anticipation than apprehension.

Impossible promises, you say? But till now, I have not been disappointed. My only complaint with my job is that I have too little to do, but that is one of its attractions. About my love - well, no complaints. There is a little rough that goes with the smooth, but on the whole, the journey has been far more pleasurable than I had even hoped. Well, let's just hope it remains so!

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