Thursday, April 13, 2006

In anticipation of a long weekend!

What pleasures does a three-day weekend hold? If nothing else, the pleasure of anticipation, of having all the fun and lazing around that seems too little for a normal weekend. Best, of course, is the prospect of getting away to a different place and having a small but exciting holiday. But my health is indifferent at the moment, and I am not brave enough to face the prospect of a weekend away from home. No movies I want to watch either, and no TV in my apartment. So I am looking forward to lazing around, lots of food, cool drinks and ice-cream, and games of chess and scrabble - it being too hot and too crowded to go shopping. I finally got a cooking gas connection today - after shelling out an astronomical amount - so I can also look forward to honing my cooking skills. The prospect of home-cooked food after so long is alluring - even though it be my own cooking!

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