Monday, April 24, 2006

End of the Weekend

Good bye to another weekend. It was more ordinary than most. I spent a lot of time sleeping (which has become common now), did the usual cooking, less than the usual cleaning and tidying, watched a good movie, had a fabulous dinner last evening, and went to sleep early, exhausted (from all the sleeping!?), so that I got up early (in comparison) to give an early start to the workweek (with fewer grumbles about the end of the weekend and the re-start of work).

The Guy and I went to Crossword - the bookstore - last evening. Found a few treasures. I had a grand time at the children's section - children's books fascinate me. I could even use my bf's niece as an excuse to buy a couple. I had been wanting to read "My Experiments with Truth" - I had started on an Assamese version many years ago, but it was too difficult to get through - and the Guy asked the store assistant for help: "Do you have Gandhi's autobiography?" She replied politely, "No, but we have the other book," and pointed it out on the shelf. On the cover was printed, in bold letters, "An Autobiography - My Experiments with Truth". We were both aghast at her knowledge(!?). I mean, she works at a bookstore!
People's ignorance never ceases to amaze me. I remember classmates at my B-school not being able to say where London is (No, this is not a trick question - I mean the London on the Thames - and they were management students!). To top it all, I'm reading a book by the famous journalist Thomas Friedman in which he extols the knowledge and intellectual power in India. I feel like starting a non-profit group which would educate people about general issues - say, that's a good idea. When (if) my (future) husband earns enough for me not to need a job, I might give it a good think.

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