Monday, March 13, 2006


I had a really great weekend. Recently, I'd got in touch with an old friend. It was completely unexpected, we'd both been wanting to get in touch for so long. We had become friends eight years ago, and hadn't met for at least five. When we got back in touch, we were both overjoyed. But she was in Germany, and it seemed unlikely that we would meet in the near future.

But she was back in Chennai for a couple of weeks, and I tried to persuade her fly down to Mumbai so we could meet. She did not need much persuading - she had other friends to meet as well, and was trying her best already. Unexpectedly, Friday evening, she called up to say she had a flight to Mumbai later on. Was I overjoyed! I booked tickets to Mumbai immediately - for me and my guy. Within a few minutes, she called back to say the flight had been cancelled, and there was no other flight that night.

We could not cancel our tickets, so we decided to go anyway. We had been wanting to visit Mumbai together, but there was so much to do back here that we hadn't even begun to plan it. Now, unexpectedly, we were going. We planned places to visit.

We had a fun morning. Left home at some minutes to six to catch the 6.30 bus, had a lovely morning ride... In Mumbai, we took a bus and then a taxi to the Gateway of India. We were on the way there when my friend called to say she was coming after all, and would be there by afternoon.

We got to the airport ahead of time and waited for her. I was so excited! We were so happy to meet again!

We went to an eatery and ate and talked for hours. Time just flew by. It was as good as - maybe better than - old times.

Our bus back to Pune was a bit late, but we were glad - it gave us all more time to spend with old and new friends - for later, we met her boyfriend too. On the way back, we were both so tired that we hardly realized it when we reached our destination.

Sunday, obviously, was lazy. A large part of the day was spent sleeping. We also played Scrabble. My man beat me in his first ever game! I didn't know whether to be ashamed of myself, or proud of him! We played again at night, when I won by a small margin.

Monday morning. I'm rather grouchy because we didn't get any of our tasks done. The flat is still in a mess, we didn't do the much-needed shopping, the kitchen still doesn't have a gas cylinder, and the clothes I've been piling up for ages are still in the laundry bag. But looking back, I guess the weekend was well-spent.

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